Profile mediation

We advertise to inform landlords that they can get free access to the largest database of The Netherlands. Landlords no longer need to advertise their property, but can simply search for a candidate renter fitting their demands.

This is very interesting for landlords, as they will no longer be continuously called and mailed by interested parties outside of their demography, or will still receive responses long after the property has been rented out.

The landlord will not see any name and address details or contact information of you. When you are selected, the landlord will send you his contact data. You can then decide if you want to answer the invitation.

Landlords have free access to the database. This is one of the reasons why we receive lots of opportunities not available on the public market, and thus not available to other mediators.

Do not miss our offers! Create your Rental Profile in our database.

Seeking rental property?

When you are looking for rental property on the internet, you will quickly realise that the demand is not in touch with the supply. The demands surpasses the supply many times, and when you look ...

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Residence application

In residence applications we approach a lot of landlord of which we, through our knowledge and experience, know that they often have available properties fitting your search command.

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We search for you!

In reality, an active house-seeker spends over 1 hour a day on average searching for a house on the internet. They send the advertiser an email with the result that they often do not receive ...

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