What to consider while searching for a rental apartment?

Don't start searching for a cloud castle!

Price - quality

Determine beforehand if your search command matches the availability on the market. A good indication is the rent price meter.

Do not look for castles in the sky. Succeeding starts with your search command!


A low rental price may be attractive at first. When you have to pay painting, flooring, the placing of a kitchen and/or bathroom yourself, however, it might be smarter to calculate this in the rental price based on the estimated duration of the stay. Is the residence still that cheap?


Subletting occurs when a renter rents out the property to a third party, the subletter. Subletting a whole residence is forbidden, unless the first landlord agrees. Subletting a part of the residence may be permitted if this is not expressly forbidden by the first landlord in the contract.

Contract duration

If you want to leave the residence before the end of your contract, make proper agreements beforehand with the landlord. A landlord can stipulate in the conditions that you are legally obliged to "remain where you are".

What should you pay where?

Check rental statistics

Deposit - key money

Almost all landlords require a deposit. This is a kind of warranty for the landlord in case of payment delays or damage to the residence. There are not legal regulations with regards to the amount of the deposit, but the judges often permit a 2 month deposit. Ensure that you always receive a receipt when paying a deposit, so that you can later proof you have paid one.

Key money is not allowed. This is an amount you have to pay to be able to rent the property without getting anything in return. In signing a rental contract, acquisition costs are often asked and paid. The landlord may asks acquisition costs for so called real property (not linked to the house), such as flooring or curtains.

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