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Holland is a former province located in the western part of the Netherlands. The name Holland is used interchangeably with the country’s name and this is accepted in almost all inhabitants but there are places in the Netherlands that do not share the same opinion.

Holland gained its identity over the centuries; from the 10th to the 16th century it was part of a unified political region of the Holy Roman Empire ruled by the Counts of Holland. It has become a maritime and economic power in the region because of its amazing economic strength and impressive ideals and culture.

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Holland is located in the west of the country and is a maritime region that lies on the North Sea near the Rhine and the Meuse. It is composed of a number of lakes, rivers, extensive canals and waterways. And even when Holland is completely exposed to the hazards of the sea, it remains safe with the long line of coastal dunes. Holland is also known to be lying in a land that is unstable since the main rivers in the country floods regularly and can cause extensive damage. Land reclamation began as early as the 16th century and they converted lakes, marshes and mudflats into polders.

Why Holland is a great place to stay

Do you associate Holland with tulips and cheese? Holland is more than that; you will definitely find this out when you visit and live in the region. People from Holland are accommodating, warm and friendly while it is not difficult to adjust to the climate and culture of the region as well.

The country is currently enjoying improved economic growth as evidenced in increased exports and employment rates. If you plan on working in Holland as soon as you settle, you may find work in different sectors like the food processing, chemicals, electrical machinery and petroleum refining industries. There is a number of food processing plants in the region and this is where most people find work as well as in local and international logistics and shipping companies that call Holland their home.

Residents in Holland enjoy a healthy life as well as most of the people in the Netherlands because of the country’s comprehensive healthcare system. You can find tertiary hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric clinics and other specialized medical facilities ready to serve residents. Health insurance is obligatory in the Netherlands and private health insurance companies are committed to accepting every resident in the country.

Holland is also perfect for families with children. There are primary and secondary schools in the area as well as technical and vocational schools. Education is free of charge for all children in the country up to age 18.

Transportation is highly convenient, reliable and very accessible in Holland. You can commute by train to where you want to go, while there are also trains to other major cities in the Netherlands. Local mainland and Dutch Wadden Islands ferries are available too. You may also rent a taxi or ride to your destination using your bike. Airport transfer services are also common for tourists and passengers.

Important things to remember

Apartments for long term stay are available in Holland and you can bet that no matter what size of apartment that you wish to rent there could be one that will surely match your needs. Be sure to compare three or more apartments according to their features, amenities and rates before you choose one. If you are looking for budget apartments you may also find these too when you look closely.

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