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When you are looking for rental property on the internet, you will quickly realise that the demand is not in touch with the supply.

The demands surpasses the ...

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In reality, an active house-seeker spends over 1 hour a day on average searching for a house on the internet.

They send the advertiser an ...

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Apartments, studio's, rooms & houses for rent in The Netherlands

Are you looking for a room, studio, apartment or a single family home in The Netherlands? is helping you in finding the required long term housing in any of the 65 cities in The Netherlands where we are active. Due to our great experience in the housing market and due to our collaboration with more than 200 connected estate agents in the Netherlands we are able to find your prospective house for the best price and conditions. Popular cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, The Hague, Maastricht