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About Utrecht

Utrecht is a capital city in the Dutch province of Utrecht. Utrecht is located in the eastern part of Randstad; it is the 4th largest city in the country. There are about 323,617 residents in Utrecht according to the latest census.

Utrecht has numerous historical buildings and structures. Utrecht University is also found in the city. It is the largest university in The Netherlands. There are also several educational institutions in the country. Another popular architectural feature of the city is the Dom Tower that dominates the skyline of Utrecht. The old city center and the canals are two of the most popular structures of the city; you can also find a religious center and several historical churches that are still in perfectly good condition.

Why Utrecht is the best place to live in

Utrecht is a great city where you can live, study, raise a family and to retire. Work and employment in Utrecht are dependent on large institutions in the city as well as from businesses and commercial establishments. You can find business centers, commercial complexes and various recreational centers are all around the city. The most popular is the Hoog Catharijne where you can find the best goods and services in the city.

Another amazing thing about Utrecht is its focus on high quality education with Utrecht University. Utrecht University is the largest university in the Netherlands with about 29,000 students in 2009. The Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2010 has released its university ranking and the university has ranked 50th in the world. There are also many primary and secondary schools in the city that follow the Dutch school system.

Utrecht is also rich in culture and it is evidenced in several theatres, cinemas, art galleries, museums and cultural shows. Dudok is the main city theatre that was constructed in 1941. The city is host to the Netherlands Film Festival and it is also the venue for classical music which is mostly held at the Vrendenburg hall. You will also find bustling art galleries in the city. Most of these are found around the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Transportation is efficient, practical and accessible in Utrecht. The city has a heavy and a light rail system, a bus transport system, an industrial port and an extensive network of cycling paths that encourage residents to ride their bikes to different places in the city and for physical fitness. Utrecht has a professional football league FC Utrecht headquartered in Stadium Niew Galgenwaard. It also has rowing clubs which practice along its waterways. Other sports like soccer, cricket, squash, tennis and hockey also make Utrecht the best places to live. Utrecht also has green places and parks where families can have fun and get some sunshine. The city enjoys mild oceanic weather just like most of the regions of the Netherlands which means the summers and winters are milder compared to other countries in Europe.

Rooms in Utrecht

If you are looking for rental rooms for long term stay in Utrecht then you can certainly find one in every district of the city. There are rooms near business districts, commercial centers and near transportation hubs. Rental rooms are classified according to the size, style, whether the room is furnished or unfurnished and of course according to their rates. It does not matter whether you are single, a couple or a small family, you can find rooms for rent for long term stay in the most reasonable prices when you shop and compare prices. This is the best way to get the best deals in the city.

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