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About Utrecht

People who set foot in Utrecht usually find themselves growing a deep admiration for the place, as it is one of Netherlands’ oldest urban pulses. Now considered a highly saturated university city, the motion-filled medieval Utrecht traces the iconic 15th-century Domtoren and is filled with picturesque canals that are lined with verdant trees. The place has central selections with double-level sides inset, a feature that is indicative of old warehouses. These structures exist today as venues for eating, drinking, and entertainment. Students who are fond of staying outside to study will find the vibrant café culture of the place rather inspiring. Overall, Utrecht has everything you may need—from its one-of-a-kind concert scene, various historic mansions, to indulgent boutique hotels.

The Student Life in Utrecht

Without a doubt, your time as a student will be one of the best times of your life. However, if you want to embrace student life further, you will have to be part of the city where you are studying. That said, it is essential to consider rent accommodation. In Utrecht, student housing typically runs fair: student rooms and residences marked at the price of 13,000 scatter in the entire city. Here, there is something for everyone. Rooms are commonly placed in large atmospheric student complexes or monumental townhouses overlooking the Wilhelmina Park. You can avail a room in a Student House or Student Complex, a studio unit in a Student Complex, a self-contained apartment, or even a temporary room for your convenience if you are planning a short stay.

Utrecht is famous for its historic center. After class hours, you can explore the Oudegracht and its wharf cellar, the Museum Quarter, the Nieuwegracht, the Seven Streets, the Dom tower, and the many churches that map the parts of the city. The sense of history is very much apparent in Utrecht. At the same time, it radiates the student atmosphere you will undoubtedly come to remember even after leaving the place. This is not a surprise, because Utrecht has an astonishing student population of 70,000. Moreover, the city center is teeming with film theaters, coffee shops, pubs, and other places that will also be the highlight of your time as a student.

Room in Student House and Student Complex

There are countless places you can stay at in Utrecht. It can be one of the mansions at Abstederdik, a modest street outside the city center that is strategically placed in the beautiful quarter Abstede and cinched between Maliesingel and Wilhelmina park. If not that, you can find a room in the many buildings in Vogelenbuurt. During the summer here, you can engage in a quiet saunter or sit along the Weerdsingel. Rooms in Student Complexes, on the other hand, may fit you better if what you look for is accessibility. Living in one of these buildings means having bars, a supermarket, and a sports complex on your doorstep.

Self-Contained Apartments

Many freshman and graduate students settle for a self-contained apartment primarily because of its ambiance. These rooms are often located in the more quiet parts of Utrecht. In the morning, when you part your curtains, you can see the stunning Grift park, the neighborhood of Bilstraat, or the scenic Dorstige Harthof, depending on where you choose to live in.

Short Stay for Graduate Students and International Students

If you do not see yourself immersing in Utrecht for a long time, you can always look for short stay accommodation. Many educational institutions offer reserved rooms and apartments for students and even staff. All accommodations are typically equipped with furniture, thus saving you the hassle of moving your things to and fro. These housings are sit at the neighborhood of the city center or poised within educational institutions.

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