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About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a dubbed as the “Gateway to Europe” and is also one of the best places to work, live and to digest culture and history. It is one of the largest ports in the world and is the second largest city in the Netherlands. The city has rich history; it was a dam constructed in the early 1200s to hold back the Rotte River. From a simple village, it has transformed itself as a beautiful and historic port thanks to its strategic location on the North Sea. It is the heart of one of the biggest transportation systems in Europe combining land, air, rail and water ways. Find the best Rotterdam apartment rentals on

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Rotterdam has a population of just above 600,000 in the last census done in 2013; greater Rotterdam called Rotterdam-Rijnmond on the other hand has about 1.3 million residents. It is the largest port in the continent and also one of the busiest and this is where most of the city’s economy and commerce comes from.

Why it is great to rent an apartment in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the best places to stay in the Netherlands simply because there is an abundance of work opportunities and a chance to expand a career. The city cradles headquarters of major corporations especially shipping companies like Royal Nedlloyd, the Rotterdam Chamber of the VOC and AP Moller Maersk. This is also the city where consumer goods giants Mittal Steel Company N.V. and Unilever are located. In addition the city government also employs professionals while companies located in the port area also employ residents for cheap labor.

Another reason why Rotterdam stands from among other cities in the Netherlands when it comes to great places to live in is the presence of prestigious universities and schools. The Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is one of the most popular educational institutions in the world. The university is ranked as the 29th globally and the 7th in Europe in 2005. It is the first in CEMS Master in Management and the 10th in RSM Master in Management. The Willem de Kooning Academy on the other hand is Rotterdam’s main school of art and it has produced impressive graduates in Advertising and Copywriting and postgraduates in Fine Arts, Media Design and Retail Design.

Residential dwellings in Rotterdam are mostly rental homes; only 20% of all homes here are privately owned. Most homes are located in areas with a large population as well as business and commercial districts. Residents in Rotterdam mostly have a high educational background and belong to a higher income bracket. And aside from Dutch citizens there are also foreign population in the city. There is a large majority of shops that are run by foreigners in Rotterdam which are concentrated in the city center. Moving about is no problem as well. The city is connected by national and regional transport systems like trains, railways, the metro line, by bus and by water bus. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is located north of the city and is smaller than the international Schiphol Airport.

Apartments in Rotterdam

With all these great reasons to stay in Rotterdam, the best places to live are apartments in Rotterdam. If you wish to live and work in the city you will find great apartments where you and your family could stay. There are small properties with a few rooms for a single occupant or fit for a couple. There are also large apartment units for large families with children or for someone that wants a spacious area to live in. Be sure to compare apartment features and prices before you settle with any Rotterdam apartment.

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