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About Groningen

Groningen is the capital city of the eponymous province of the Netherlands. It has more than 190,000 residents as of 2013 and it is the largest city north of the country. It is also a classic city with its ancient structures and buildings; walking along the city’s streets will take you back in time especially when you take a stroll along the Grote Markt Square. Much of the structures here has been preserved and is recognized for their historical value, beauty and tradition.

Groningen has a rich history and it has been known that the oldest community that has settled in the area was way back in the 3rd century AD. It was during the 15th century when Friesland was administered from Groningen and the Martinitoren was built. This was the highest building ever built in Europe at this time and it has remained erect even when the city was ravaged in World War II. Only the Martinitoren, the church, the city hall and the Goudkantoor were not damaged.

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Why Groningen is a great place to rent long term

Aside from the city’s rich history and glorious past, there are so many reasons why it is best to rent long term in Groningen. First is the University of Groningen. This educational institution dates back to 1614. There are many firsts with the University of Groningen; it has educated the first female student and it is the alma mater of the first Dutch astronaut. It is also the university where the first president of the European Central Bank graduated. The university is very prestigious not just in the Netherlands but all over the world.

Another thing to love about Groningen is the culture and the arts. Museums like the Groningen Museum and the Noorderlicht and about several museums about maritime history, a comics museum and a university museum dot the city. If you love music and theatre then you will also love to go to various venues like the Martini Plaza, the Trompsingel, the Grand Theater located at the Grote Markt and the Prins Claus Conservatorium.

Nightlife in Groningen is mostly made of young population namely students from the University of Groningen. There are bars, live music and culture which are usually concentrated in the Grote Markt, the Vismakt and the Poelestraat. You will love to go bar hopping since most of the bars here close at around 7 in the morning. And for adult residents, there are two red light districts near the city center. Work is very easy to find in Groningen both for skilled workers and for professionals. There are business areas, a sugar refinery and companies that make beer and other alcoholic beverages plus a coffee, tea and tobacco company.

Transportation is green in Groningen; it has been dubbed as the “World Cycling City” since more than 50% of the journeys in the city are made using bicycles. The city has three rail stations, Qbuzz services that have several city and urban routes and it also has an airport called Groningen Airport Eelde.

Important things to remember

Renting an apartment is the best way to stay long term in Groningen. There are apartments of different sizes as well as furnished or unfurnished units. An apartment is a practical choice for students, couples and families with a few children however there are also large apartments that can accommodate a large family. Do your homework and search for the best property with the amenities you need and a price that you can afford. Compare rates and features so you will be able to get the best deal in Groningen.

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