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Rent apartment Amsterdam

Finding Amsterdam apartments for rent long term is a tough job but only when you know the right way out. At times this can be a real challenging task especially for individuals who are new to the place. This is because considerable housing shortage is there in this city-especially in the central area. The market here is skewed by public housing that are rent controlled as well as by some unscrupulous agents and landlords. This article will assist individuals in finding the best Amsterdam accommodations and housing . The first thing that individuals must be aware of is that nearly 1/3rd of all apartments/houses in this area are rented primarily from the semi-public housing corporations. Moreover, these are made available to the Dutch residents on reduced incomes as well as rents are capped to maximum limit.

Social housing will be provided through the system of waiting list. Residents are required to show economic tie with Dutch city so as to get their names registered in that list for that specific area. One thing that you need to know is that at times, waiting list can last for years for prized central locations available in Amsterdam where maximum tenants prefer staying. The reality is that expats can’t rent from social housing sector till they are having Dutch partner who already is on rent or they are doing short-term sublet. Individuals who plan to move in with those who are already social housing tenants, require official letter of permission that will be given from Housing Corporation.

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Locations in Amsterdam

Individuals who are searching for Amsterdam apartments for rent will come across various locations that can be rented in this area. In inner canal belt, rental prices are a bit expensive because several houses have been rented for commercial offices. Inner suburbs of Amsterdam that are much sought-after locations include Rivierenbuurt, De Pijp, Oud West, Oud Zuid, Museum Quarter, and Jordaan, among many others. As compared to other places, Amsterdam Oost is having much edgy feel because of multicultural area and working class. Now lots of development and renovation work is going on that is a good news for all those who are in search of rental apartments for long term in this area. Here you will come across some major developments that are done all along IJ waterfront (this is back of the central station) including Zeeburg area equipped with several modern apartment constructions. In outer suburbs like Bijlmer (south-east) and Osdorp (west), you will have apartments available at cheaper rents. You can consider some out-of-the-town options like Amstelveen, Zaandam, and Haarlem.

Amsterdam apartments for rent long term

When you are searching for long term Amsterdam apartments for rent, you have to give market prices that can considerably be higher as compared to social housing rentals. Here in private rental market, you will either get partly furnished, unfurnished, or fully furnished apartments. When looking for rental apartments in Amsterdam, rental price would obviously depend on size of that property as well as the location. Budget of expat rental can vary from students or young person looking for cheaper house studio or share to international corporate kind working for some multinational.

You can expect the rent for such places to be somewhere between Euro 800 and 1500 monthly if you are renting three room apartment in suburb’s outer region. If this same apartment is in prime central area, it would cost you somewhere between Euro 1500 and 3000 a month. In Amstelveen, even small house rent would be between Euro 800 and 1800 whereas large house will cost you not less than Euro 2000 to 4000 a month. In case you are searching for something much quirky, you can consider staying in canal houseboats in /Amsterdam. Here, rental cost would be nearly 1500 to 2500 Euros a month. But supply of this kind of rental place is limited.

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In case you are planning to cut cost, you can consider renting or sharing the room that will be in apartment or house of someone else. It is the best suited option for students staying outside official university accommodation as well as for younger working individuals. Such rooms would cost you somewhere between Euro 300 and 800 a month that again depends on size and location of your room.

Another good tactic for searching apartment in Amsterdam is local contacts network as well as letting them know the kind of place you are searching for. You can check advertisements in local newspapers as well as visit sites cheaper rates. You can also check notice boards available at libraries, universities, ABC bookshops, supermarkets, and so on for better options. You can also place advertisement of yours online and on notice boards.

At times it is possible subletting the apartment from local dwellers of the place that are planning to leave the town for some time that in maximum cases will be for long duration. This in maximum cases will be more than 12 months. It works well for both parties. Here, good amount of negotiation can be done that often is lower as compared to private market. You can draw-up house sitting contract on temporary basis where renters agree looking after the plants, property, as well as other house requirements. This however is a grey area and individuals will have to take care of the property. With such kind of property, one has to ensure prior to renting that it is worth living.

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