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Are you a student and looking for a room, studio, apartment or other accommodation in Amsterdam? is helping you in finding the required housing in any of the 65 cities in The Netherlands where we are active. Due to our great experience in the housing market and due to our collaboration with more than 200 connected estate agents in the Netherlands we are able to find your prospective house for the best price and conditions.

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About Amsterdam

Urban explorations have come to define the place that is Amsterdam now. Its canal-interweaved core is enlaced with scenic narrow lanes. Here, you will never know what you will find: a boutique offering conventional Dutch-designed fashion and homewares, a small garden placed somewhere safe from the hustle and bustle of the city, old-school distilleries, a flower stall brimming with tulips in all colors, a historic monastery-turned-entertainment-venue, or restaurants fueled by the passion to reinvent age-old Dutch recipes. Post-industrial buildings embraced by up-and-coming neighborhoods now house creative ventures—from art galleries, breweries, innovative tech start-ups to some of Europe’s famous clubs. Yes, Amsterdam is as charming as its portrayals in films. The possibilities of hte place are endless: you can admire art at the Van Gogh Museum, explore its heart through biking and boat travel, or allot time for gezellig. But if you are a student wanting to experience all these, what you need first is to find private accommodation in Amsterdam.

What You Need to Know When Looking for a Place in Amsterdam

Once you have secured a place in one of the Dutch universities in Amsterdam, the next step for you is to begin the process of searching for student accommodation that will have all your student needs. If you have not been assigned a room in student housing, you will need to look for one of the private markets. Since the number of students in Amsterdam and other popular student cities outstrips the number of available rooms, this can be a painstaking experience.

The price levels for single rooms are limited by certain conditions, mostly reliant on the size and facilities being offered. Extra points are given, for example, if a place comes fully equipped with central heating, a private bathroom, and a kitchen. The other side of this situation is if you are required to observe the cooking ban and share a bathroom with more than five people. To ease the trouble of those starting, the government lends a helping hand by providing online information where you can check the assigned rental value of properties. Private landlords are commonly likely to overcharge you, so it is best if you conduct a rental check before signing any lease.

Commercial Agencies and Private Landlords in Amsterdam

From what was mentioned above, the student housing scene in Amsterdam is not that beautiful. While many are fortunate enough to be given dormitory rooms, there is not enough to go around. Private rentals, on the other hand, offer the same sentiment. There exists an enormous gap when it comes to achieving the ideal student accommodation in Amsterdam. But to make things easier, begin the search for a place to live in early, learn all the pros and cons, and have someone who can help you through the process of looking for a place.

There are only two housing agencies in Amsterdam: the ASVA and SRVU. Both of these run on a non-profit basis. The rest of the room agencies in the city exists as commercial businesses. It is also important to know that all commercial housing agencies must be listed with the municipal authorities that are allowed to charge a reasonable registration fee. If they fail to give you a house or room within four months, you are granted a refund. But if they do provide you a place to stay in, they charge a commission after you sign the lease. International students can also look for rooms on the private market by checking the local paper and advertisements placed in grocery stores. Before making your final choice, confirm what you want in terms of location, price, size, etc.

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