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Are you a student and looking for a room, studio, apartment or other accommodation in Rotterdam? is helping you in finding the required housing in any of the 65 cities in The Netherlands where we are active. Due to our great experience in the housing market and due to our collaboration with more than 200 connected estate agents in the Netherlands we are able to find your prospective house for the best price and conditions.

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About Rotterdam

Rotterdam, like the other cities in the Netherlands, is a vibrant, young international ground. To date, it has welcomed more than 600,000 inhabitants. Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands, and it continually reinvents the way it provides needs for its residents. The scenic skylines and the brand new cultural and sports center perform as attractions for both locals and tourists. The city remains as a creative core radiating with diversity.

The Student Life in Rotterdam

Studying goes beyond than just learning what is indicated on textbooks. You student days is a period in which you can freely shape your identity, gain memorable experiences and knowledge, and have the one of the best time of your life. The narrative of a student lies in the ability to discover and uncover new things continually. All educational institutions in Rotterdam nurture a dynamic and lively environment so students can completely immerse themselves in the surroundings and regain that much-needed energy to embrace whatever challenge put in front of them.

Living in the Netherlands as a student often means having your bedroom but sharing the bathroom and kitchen utilities. It also means doing your cooking and DIY cleaning. Typically, international students find the rental prices in Rotterdam too high, despite other advantages that are given to them by the Netherlands. And for the past years, the International Student Barometer survey has shown that the quality of Rotterdam student digs is much higher compared to the rooms in other Dutch university cities. Being able to look for a place that has everything you need will largely depend on you having a local social network. That said, it is best if you become part of social media pages that offer student housing accommodation.

Short Stay Accommodation

In Erasmus University Rotterdam, for example, can offer accommodation for around 20 percent of the incoming international student through the Student Housing Agency SSH. These SSH rooms are generally reserved for international student living in the Netherlands for 12 months or less. They will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. This might appear like an intricate process, but registering for a room with SSH is quite an easy task.

Most students, on the other hand, is fond of looking for a room in the private market. If you do this, make sure that you know what the housing options are in Rotterdam. You must familiarize yourself with the types of Rotterdam neighborhoods and their placements compared to the location of the campuses.

Other Accommodation Providers in Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam knows the difficulties in looking for student accommodation. Given this situation, you can always look for housing in other places in Rotterdam. There is the RoomPlaza, a smart housing platform choice, especially for international students. RoomPlaza meets the supply and demand of furnished student rooms across the Netherlands with their well-designed locations, top-notch facilities and services, and professional team. RoomPlaza can offer you a flat or one or for an entire group. There is also the Stadwonen Rotterdam, a complex that offers roughly around 6,000 good-quality, affordable flats and studios to students and people starting on the Rotterdam housing market. The available unfurnished rooms here are usually appointed to a tenant based on the length of the registration period. If you choose to get a room here, you are required to pay a one-time registration fee of 25 euros. If you do not see yourself living in either of the two mentioned above, you can still find a place to live on the private market, as it offers an endless selection of apartments and other room types that are owned by an infinite number of private individuals.

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