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Student Housing in Delft

You must arrange your accommodation before you arrive in the Netherlands since you are most likely to be asked to register a valid Dutch address within five days or a week after your arrival in the Netherlands. Registering an authorized Dutch address at the local municipality is a legal requirement for all people who intend to live in the Netherlands for more than four months, irrespective of nationality or purpose of stay. A valid and registered address has its advantages. This is a ticket that allows you to obtain a BSN or Citizen Service Number, which is needed when interacting with Dutch authorities. Universities like the Delft University of Technology suggest three ways to arrange student housing accommodation.

Looking for Accommodation Through Rental Agencies or Private Landlords

Always make it a top priority to immediately look for accommodation once you the university you will attend. Finding a room in Delft can be difficult and time-consuming, just like with other parts in the Netherlands. Like most university cities, Delft familiarizes itself with a shortage of affordable student accommodations. Since Delft is a relatively small city, neighboring municipalities can help in providing better alternatives within reasonable travel distance from your campus. The Delft municipality usually offers various insights on housing. There are also groups on Facebook that could assist you in searching for accommodation, say, those marked as “Find a room(mate) in Delft City” and “Find an international roommate in the city of Delft.”

It is also essential for you to note that there are lesser affordable accommodations available on the market, especially in the months leading up to the commencement of a new academic year. Many accommodations that are being offered are typically handed to students unfurnished, and the rent often does not include the municipal taxes and utilities. You are required to pay for these separately. Make sure that the owner or landlord gives you a declaration of permission to register your address with the municipality. Furthermore, read the rental agreement carefully and be aware of rental scams.

Staying in with Family, Friends, and Other Acquaintances

If you plan on moving in with someone, make sure you receive permission from the primary resident as well as the owner of the place for you to be allowed to register your address with the municipality. Authorization forms usually are available in each city, or you can also look it up online. Fill in the form and have it signed by the primary resident and owner of the residence. After completing that process, you can bring your form along with other pertinent documents, as stated on the form, to your registration with the municipality.

Accommodation Using Delft University of Technology’s Housing Service

If you are one of the students at Delft University of Technology, you will most likely experience a difficult time in looking for accommodation since the housing department usually reaches the maximum number of applicants that can be accommodated through its service. However, payments that are received up to and including the first half of May can still be accommodated. Over the next weeks after this process, personal login details for the student housing portal will be given to you only if you have paid before the given deadline.

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