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Are you a student and looking for a room, studio, apartment or other accommodation in Nijmegen? is helping you in finding the required housing in any of the 65 cities in The Netherlands where we are active. Due to our great experience in the housing market and due to our collaboration with more than 200 connected estate agents in the Netherlands we are able to find your prospective house for the best price and conditions.

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Accommodation in Nijmegen

Most of the students in Nijmegen stay in student complexes and student houses, while others share an apartment or rent a room in a house supervised by a landlady or landlord. Most of the places being offered are private (without roommates), but in most cases, the bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared with other students. The vast majority of the accommodation in Nijmegen welcomes a mixed type, which means both men and women can live in the same corridor and share the same facilities. There are also housing that provides women-only rooms. The rent for these can run up to 500 euros per month or even more. But usually, rental prices of most rooms are between 370 and 470 euros per month.

Housing for Exchange Students

International exchange students who decide to come to Nijmegen to study or receive an internship can request assistance from the foreign office or admissions office in the chosen university in looking for housing accommodation. Exchange student to study at Radboud University for an exchange program or traineeship are not always given a slot for accommodation. You can indicate if you want to make use of the accommodation service in the Pre-Arrival Services Form in Osiris. The online application form is created and made available to you during the application process in Osiris. When the housing team finds accommodation that fits all your needs, they usually get in touch with you by sending an e-mail.

SSH and Student Complexes in Nijmegen

The student housing scene in Nijmegen consists of SSH and complexes. There are rooms owned by the SSH and are being offered the admissions office of universities. All prices vary, depending on the use of energy, water, and internet. There is the Talia complex that is situated next to the central train station. If you choose to avail a room here, you will be placed in a unit with four bedrooms. You are required to share all facilities with three other students renting the place. Talia is a 10 to 15-minute bike ride away from the heart of the city, meaning, it is easily accessed when you are coming from your university campus. The rent typically reaches 470 euros per month.

Next, there is the Vossenveld. Here in this complex, the room given to you will be in a hallway next to nine other rooms. Just like the one in the Talia complex, you are expected to share the kitchen and bathroom facilities with eight other students. Most of the rooms have their shower. Unlike the Talia, Vossenveld is a 20-minute bike ride from the city center. The good thing about renting a room here is that the price is lower compared to most complexes, only costing you 420 euros per month.

There is also the Galgenveld that is also priced at 420 euros. In this complex, your room will be in a hallway with six or eight rooms. Like those mentioned above, you will also have to share the kitchen and bathroom facilities with five or seven other students. It is a 5-minute bike ride away from the heart of the city, and all rooms are placed on the basement floor and have a sizeable wall-to-wall window for your studying convenience during the day.

Other Types of Accommodation

If you do not see yourself staying in one of the rooms in the complexes available in the area, you can always search for other accommodation such as real estate residences and apartments sublet by students. By habit, the admissions office of your university will send you a room offer which is valid for one week use. If you do not accept this offer within the given time frame, you will have to look for a room by yourself, or you will be placed on the student waiting list.

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