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Student Housing Accommodation in Enschede

Many students usually opt for a rented room when studying at a university in Enschede to fully grasp the real student life. Most of them request a place because they want to live on their own and because it allows them to have better access to their surroundings. Other advantages that come with living in a rented room is that the travelling time is limited, an aspect that helps them to not miss out on the various activities of student life.

If you are looking for a room to live in, Enschede has plenty of space, so you do not have to worry about looking for a room to your liking. Another good thing about availing student housing accommodation in comparison to other student cities is the price point. You will surely find a relatively spacious room for a small amount of money. There are several ways to live on your own in Enschede. You can either choose to stay in at one of the student residences available on campus or in a self-contained house. You can also choose between living in a private house or the town center. One thing is sure: your student life in Enschede will be memorable, and there is even the possibility that you may never want to leave the place itself.

Living on the Campus in Enschede

If you are one who wants to maximize your student life in Enschede, then it best if you live in a student residence. The number of students living in these kinds of houses varies, and so does their background—many of them come from the different parts of the world. Since most students cook and go out at night together, there are student associations who look after their own houses. When living on the campus in Enschede, you will likely find everything at arm’s reach. Each university campus will have everything you need: a supermarket, a gym, a GP, a physiotherapist, a dentist, a hair salon, bookshops, and various team sports activities. Do take note that you do not necessarily need to contain yourself in the campus ground for you to be able to savor your student journey.

To rent a room on campus, you are required to register at your admissions office. Registration is usually free, and you can search for a room as soon as you are put on the list. Another advantage that comes with living and studying in Enschede is that the place does not work with a waiting list. You can settle and move around as soon as you find a room that reaches your needs.

Living in the center of Enschede

There are still those who wish to live in close distance to the shops, train station, bars, and restaurants. If you are one of these people, then it is best if you find a room in the city center. You can register at Stiching Jongeren Huisvesting Twente, or you can also look for a place by yourself on the private market or social media pages. If you plan on becoming a member of a student association, the association can also lend a hand in helping you find a room.

Depending on your choice of room, you might be invited to apply. This technically means that you will be asked to join other students to come and view the room. This entire process also involves meeting other residents. The current occupants then get to decide you they want as their new roommate. There is a chance that you will be rejected the first time you apply, and if this happens, you can always look for different housing accommodation. In Enschede, there is no shortage of rooms.

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