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About Maastricht

Maastricht is a beautiful place to settle in. Apart from the locals, tourists are convinced to lengthened they stay since the place is precisely the right size. It always radiates an inviting atmosphere, and its stunning city center contains historic buildings positioned next to cutting-edge architecture and industrial heritage. One of the most famous treasures sought after in the Netherlands, Maastricht always has something in its pocket: whether a blend of its most elegant 17th-century mansions and ultramodern architecture or the cobblestone streets lined with impressive churches and breathtaking squares. Ever since the Romains founded the settlement Maastricht over 2000 years ago, the town has transformed as a melting pot of Germanic and Latin cultures. Now, it stands to house people of different backgrounds and languages. From Maastricht, you can bike to two different language expanses.

International Student City

Over the past years, Maastricht has gone from being a quiet provincial capital to a motion-filled international student city. More than 10 percent of its population are students, and almost half of those have chosen to live here. In total, nearly 20 percent of the inhabitants are actively pursuing higher education in the city—be it in Zuyd Hogeschool or Maastricht University—as students or employees. Since the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, the place has become well known as the origin of the European Union and the ‘Schengen Treaty.’ It is an international city that opens its arms to all people from across the world. To date, the city has over 100 international institutes and organizations. Furthermore, tourists flock all parts of the city each year.

In Maastricht, You Do Not Live on a Campus

The popular culture here is that you rent a room together with your friends or other students in the same university. It emphasizes communal living: you cook and eat together and make your student housing into a home. The typical rent runs between 300 and 400 euros. Most students prefer to live in a room in the city center, but you can also select a place to stay at in a suburb or one of the residences located across the border in Belgium. Some faculties are placed in the city center, but others are just outside the center, an arm’s reach to the Health Campus.

A lot of the rooms available can be accessed by walking or biking, thus making it easy for you to reach university buildings. Many exchange students typically rent a fully furnished room in one of the premises of the UM Guesthouse, which are all situated close to the city proper. There are about 350 rooms available, and each room can accommodate up to two students. Maastricht also offers students alternative housing, like anti-squat houses or Het Landbouwbelang, a type of housing community that welcomes artists, designers, musicians, as well as international students. An autonomous free zone, these alternative housings are urban communities that come with an open living room perfect for collective gardening and cooking, a concert room, an event hall, and a give-away store.

Eating and Transportation in Maastricht

Students do not usually have the time to whip up proper meals. This is where university restaurants or mensas come into view. In these places, you can grab a hot or cold lunch, snacks, salads, among others. Public transportation in this city, on the other hand, takes on many forms: bicycle riding, car-sharing, or carpooling. Typically, people, not just students, ride a bike in and around the city, so there is no shortage of good bicycle shops. But if you need a car, you can always avail one of the eight Greenwheels vehicles for your use.

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