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General Information About Tilburg University Campus

Poised in the southern part of the Netherlands, the campus of Tilburg University appears compact, promoting the ultimate convenience of students and faculty members. The place itself is almost part-like nature, making it a picturesque place to be in. Placed up to the edge of a forest, nearly all activities od Tilburg University take place in the campus. With everything located in proximity to each other, it is quite natural for students to learn their way in and around the site. During your free time, you can discover a well-stocked library, featuring computers available for use and lots of space for studying alone or with a group of new friends.

When you need to curtail your hunger in between classes, there is a food court and a couple of places for you to get coffee and snacks. The largest restaurant is located in the Mensa—it offers students dinners throughout the week, along with an in-house café that has discounts for those on a tight budget. Net to this restaurant is a Starbucks, a supermarket, Subway, a Dutch snack bar, and a popular dinner place featuring Mexican cuisine on its menu. If you have an athletic side to you or enjoy fitness, Tilburg University has exceptional facilities made for recreation and sports. Sitting next to the campus, the sports facilities include fitness rooms, squash courts, large sports halls, and outdoor sporting facilities. Tilburg University is placed at the heart of Tilburg. It focuses on providing students courses that tackle the structures of law, economics, behavioral sciences, business sciences, humanities, theology, among others. It is a public research university that is famous among international students.

Tilburg is a compact city that is easy to learn to maneuver. Here you can effortlessly bike one from one place to another or from one side of the town to the other side in less than 30 minutes.

Student Housing in Tilburg

The second biggest city in Brabrant has gone underneath the expatriate radar for many years, but it is beginning to attract international attention to the city of Tilburg. The apartments for rent in the area are usually placed very centrally, situated next to the primary pulses of the city, like the business or industry districts. Tilburg apartments are much cheaper compared to those in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The lack of reputation of Tilburg works to students advantage here since the prices have not risen too much. Apartments in Tilburg are often maintained in perfect condition and are appropriately sized, depending on the number of rooms.

Since Tilburg is a reasonably small city, it may not be the first choice on the list of universities for many international students coming in every year. The fact that the place is compact and not that large do wonders for students already living in the area. Keeping a large student population despite its size means a more vibrant nightlife and easier access between the university and the accommodation areas. The University of Tilburg does not own any property or accommodation. However, it offers a specialist housing office that was created to help and support up and coming students with their housing needs in Tilburg. Private landlords run student housing on the campus in connection with the university. Three or four students often share apartments, and the rent is divided between each tenant, thus saving students money when compared to renting an entire place by themselves.

Tilburg has rapidly transformed into a real city for a student. That said, it is essential for students who live here to avail accommodation months before classes start.

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