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About Eindhoven

Eindhoven is one of the places in Europe that pays high respect to the international research arena in the area of engineering science and technology. Academic institutions such as the Eindhoven University of Technology closely works with industry and healthcare organizations to allow it to translate significant research findings into products and services that can help societal problems, say, in the fields of health, energy, and mobility. The university’s position for scientific output concerning industry underscores the distinctive, close research and development relationship between them and the high-tech companies spread across the area of the Netherlands. Eindhoven is not only home to the University of Technology; it also houses many renowned research institutes like the Dutch Polymer Institute, the Centre for Translational Molecular Medicine, and the Embedded Systems Institute. Every year, these state-of-the-art research labs take in many students who wish to pursue the field being offered by each institute.

A lot of students begin their career at Eindhoven because they see themselves benefitting from the strong ties with industry and the successful research development collaborations these academic grounds have. Eindhoven is synonymous with an openhearted, cozy atmosphere. Here, you can experience the open and personal culture, the many available facilities, as well as the cultural and sporting opportunities. However, if you do want to enjoy those mentioned, you need to have a place you can call your home.

Looking for a Student Housing Accommodation in Eindhoven

Arranging a student housing is your responsibility. Like any other accommodation, it is best if you begin looking for a room approximately two months before your arrival because student housing accommodation in Eindhoven can be time-consuming. Like most cities in the Netherlands, Eindhoven has an increasing shortage when it comes to having affordable student accommodation. The institutes previously state may be able to offer you housing to a minimal number of students. If that is the case, students who have returned the confirmation statement and completed the guarantee before the given deadline will be immediately contacted.

Housing for Exchange Students

An exchange student who wishes to stay on the school grounds is required to complete a Student Application Form. You can request this form from any of the university or institute, and it can be obtained from the contact person at the respective department. This form includes typically basic applications for student housing. Academic institutions can only guarantee accommodation for a limited number of exchange or international students. If you cannot be given a spot, you will likely receive a message from the department that has your application.

Housing for PDEng and PhD Students

Similar to the case of exchange students, there is an inadequate number of accommodation available via Vestide for both PhD and PDEng students. Because the slots are very limited, all institutions cannot always promise housing with Vestide. If Vestide does not have any available room, or if you ask for family accommodation, it will inform you how to arrange housing using the private market. For an overview, Vestige offers two kinds of accommodation. There is the one-person accommodation usually priced at 450 to 850 euros per month, and there is also a shared housing priced at 700 to 1000 euros per month. Eindhoven is an energetic, young city with a rising population of students and expats.

Over the past years, many housing has been established in Eindhoven. Apart from those being offered by academic institutions, there are also housing provided by commercial agencies via their websites. In this case, no waiting lists apply. If you see accommodation that you like posted on the site, you can directly contact the agency.

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