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About Den Bosch

Den Bosch is a city located in the southern Netherlands. It is a fortified city that has a classic and historical appeal. It is also known as ‘s –Hertogenbosch. If you visit Den Bosch, you will be surprised how historically preserved the surroundings are reminding residents and tourists of its once glorious past. The walls that secure the city have been around since the 16th and the 17th century and are still completely intact.

The most popular features of the city of Den Bosch are its historic structures and buildings. Saint John’s Cathedral that has been around since the 13th century as well as the Stedelijk Museum ‘s- Hertogenbosch and the Bolwoningen Complex which are experimental spherical houses.

Why is it great to rent in Den Bosch?

Den Bosch is one of the best places to live in the Netherlands. If you love to be immersed in culture and to wake up each day with an amazing view of historical buildings and glorious structures then this city is for you. The ‘s – Hertogenbosch is the host to so many cultural events like the theatre festival and hip hop festivals. It was the venue for the starting race of the Tour de France in 1996 and has been the host for the International Vocal Competition.

Another great reason why many call historical Den Bosch as their home is because of its great nightlife spots. There are 50 restaurants, cafes and pubs in the city but if you are not the type that stays late you can also go to the best places in the city like the European Ceramic Work Center, the Carnival Museum and so many commercial and recreational facilities in Den Bosch.

Another reason to stay is the food. Den Bosch is home to a specialty called the Bossche Boi which is a devilish dessert larger than a tennis ball. It is a popular pastry, a large profiterole filled with whipped cream coated with melted dark chocolate. This luscious dessert is best eaten with coffee and since it is too large to take a bite on, residents eat this with a knife and fork.

If you are into football you will surely be a fan of the only professional football club of Den Bosch: the FC Den Bosch. The city also has their field hockey club called the HC Den Bosch, a rugby team The Dukes which was champion in 2008 and a basketball team SM Shoeters Den Bosch that plays in the Dutch Basketball League.

Finally, when you live in Den Bosch you are seem to be near everything you need with its efficient railways service. Den Bosch has three stations within the city: the ‘s- Hertogenbosch, the ‘s Hertogenbosch Oost and the Rosmalen. The Arriva buslines operate within the city while there is a dedicated bike lane or bike paths so that people can go anywhere they want riding their bikes. The city was chosen as the top Bike City of the Netherlands in 2011.

Important things to remember

You can find almost every type of apartment for long term rental in Den Bosch. There are furnished, unfurnished and shell apartments with any number of bedrooms that you want. And even when you are living alone or have a huge family, choosing to live in an apartment in Den Bosch may be the best decision you have ever made. The city has picturesque surroundings and if you are looking for an apartment with a view then this is the city that is best for you! Be sure to compare rates and features so you can get the best rental apartment deal.

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