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About Delft

Delft is both a city and a municipality located south of Holland in the Netherlands. This is a city that is rich in history with its beautiful canals as well as its notable residents. The city is said to have evolved from a digging aside a canal around the 11th century. Delft was a rural village and then transformed into one of the leading cities in Holland equipped with city walls to serve as headquarters for the resistance against the Spanish occupation of the country.

Delft today is a historical city with a modern twist. It has numerous buildings and structures evident of its rich past: the Oude Kerk (Old Church), the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) constructed between 1381 and 1496, the Prisenhof, the Oostpoort (Eastern Gate) and the Koninklijk Nederlands Legermuseum or the national museum of the Royal Dutch Army to name a few.

Why is it great to live in Delft?

Delft is a perfect place to live and stay long term. First it is because of its rich history which is evident almost everywhere in the city. It is known for its Delft pottery ceramic plates which are delicately-styled Chinese porcelain of the 17th century. Popular painters and artists were born in Delft and one of the most popular is Johannes Vermeer. The Delft School is known for producing fine students in the field of art and interior design. Delft has a strong educational background with the Delft University of Technology. This academy was founded as a school for civil engineering. This is also the home of the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education which is a postgraduate school for water management and hydraulic engineering.

Working and starting a career in Delft is a perfect idea. The local economy is generated from the fields of education, scientific research, tourism, production industry and retail. This city also has great open air and recreation facilities like the Delftse Hout (Delft Wood) which is a vast nature and recreation area east of Delft. There are smaller town parks like the Nieuwe Plantage, Agnetpark, Kalverbos, Botanical Garden and the arboretum in Delftse Hout.

There are miscellaneous achievements that have originated in Delft that adds to the many reasons why the city is an impressive place to live in. It is in Delft University of Technology where the Nuna was built; it is a series of manned solar power vehicles that has won the World Solar Challenge four times in a row in Australia. Delft is the city of the Superbus which is high speed buses that are capable of moving at around 250 kilometers per hour on its own special highway.

Going around Delft is easy; it has its own railway station the Delft Railway and the Delft Zuid railway station. Trains that service these stations will connect to nearby cities like Rotterdam and The Hague every five minutes every day. There are also bus routes and bicycle lanes that encourage people to ride their bikes in the city and adjoining cities.

Important things to remember

Delft has long term apartment units found in large apartment buildings and plazas. Some apartment units are found in historical buildings. You can find apartments for a single person, a couple and also for a small or large family. If you are on a tight budget, you may also find an apartment that will suit your budget. From furnished to unfurnished units and studio type or multi-room apartments you can definitely find the home that you are looking for when you compare amenities, features and rates beforehand.

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