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About Almere

Almere is a planned city and a municipality in Flevoland in the Netherlands. It is made of districts Almere Stad, Almere Haven, Almere Buiten, Almere Hout, Almere Poort, Almere Oosterwold and Almere Pampus. The last two districts are still under the planning stage. The city of Almere is the youngest city in the county; the area just became a municipality in 1984. In October 2007, the city council has made agreements with the government to expand the city by 2030 and this includes increasing the population by 350,000.

The original plans for Almere were to be a town with multiple centers but instead neighborhoods with plenty of residential housing were built like Tussen de Vaarten. If you visit Almere you will easily see that there is a huge difference as to how houses were built before and how these were constructed now. In the 1970s housing was all about basic functionality and all about levelling of social statuses while housing that was constructed in 1990s was more of homes with interesting designs and interiors.

Why is it great living in Almere?

Just by reading about Almere you can easily say that there are great things about this city that makes it a perfect place to stay with the family long term. One reason is its massive housing opportunities. Because of the major plans of the city for increasing its population by the year 2030 attractive housing units, impressive rental rates and amenities have been the top most priority of the city. There are housing projects and housing groups that could easily find you a suitable home as soon as possible with all the amenities that you are looking for.

Transportation in Almere is not a problem at all. There is a temporary station at Almere Stand which is usually set up for important events. Public buses service the rest of the city where there is a bus every 7.5 minutes or 8 buses in an hour. There are also regional bus lines that can take you to other places in the region like Naarden, Amsterdam, Zeewolde and so on. Spitsbusses on the other hand are buses that only run during rush hours. These buses take you to Utrecht, Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Schiphol. The economy of Almere is based on the service industry as well as tourism. The city boasts of a mild climate which makes it a great place to visit and to stay long term. Tourists flock the city all year round curious about what the youngest city in the Netherlands look like.

Important things to remember

If you are thinking of staying long term in Almere then you should consider living in an apartment in the city. Apartment units in Almere feature more than the ordinary perks and features of a conventional apartment in the Netherlands since you can choose from a wide variety of sizes, features, amenities and rates.

If you are looking for a studio type apartment unit then you can find units near business and commercial areas in the city. Whether you are living alone or you are looking for a place with your partner there is a suitable apartment just for you. And if you are transferring to Almere with your family there are apartment for long term stay in different number of rooms and rates according to your budget. By comparing not just one but three or four long term apartments according to their features, amenities and their rental rates you can easily find the most suitable property for you and your family.

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