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Are you looking for a room, studio, apartment or a single family home in Amsterdam? is helping you in finding the required housing in any of the 65 cities in The Netherlands where we are active. Due to our great experience in the housing market and due to our collaboration with more than 200 connected estate agents in the Netherlands we are able to find your prospective house for the best price and conditions.

Region Apartments has properties in the following Amsterdam neighborhoods: Bos en Lommer, Buitenveldert, Canal belt, De Baarsjes, De Dapperbuurt, De Pijp, Eastern Docklands, IJburg, Indische Buurt, Jordaan, Oost, Osdorp, Oud West, Oud Zuid, Rivierenbuurt, Slotervaart, Watergraafsmeer, Western Islands, Westerpark and Zuidas

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About Amsterdam

Often renting apartment in some foreign city can be complicated as well as risky. Amsterdam housing is nearly not such an ordeal. You can discuss with local real estate agents or brokers about areas where you will get best houses for long term. Apartment renting in Amsterdam is not much tough if seekers are aware of the right ways and means to search. Having apartment offers chance of seeing this city as well as accomplishing your goals for which you are here. Individuals can consider moving to semi-permanent or permanent housing primarily if you are searching for apartment rental for longer-term. In maximum cases, companies in which individuals are working provide them good place for staying. At times when this is not so individuals can search for houses themselves in this city. There are various online as well as offline places wherein you will come across dozens of apartments that may be partially furnished, fully furnished, or unfurnished. There is one major wrinkle that can cause issues and that is the cost of these houses. Costs of different apartments differ based on factors like size, location, construction, and so on.

Amsterdam housing market

Maximum Amsterdam housing will be controlled by city, hence legitimate residents have to get themselves on waiting list if they are searching for houses here. Because of this system, it becomes nearly impossible for outsiders to apply for such apartments but there is a hidden advantage associated with it. As several waiting list individuals have many other houses to live, they are usually willing to sublet illegally apartments of their own to non-locals. Those who are searching for permanent resident in Amsterdam, they would be required going through formal channels. On the contrary, if individuals try themselves for one, two, or more months, this situation would become much convenient. Locals of Amsterdam insist that apartments here are expensive incredibly. When compared to cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and London, Amsterdam housing is much cheaper. In case you are ready to pay a good amount to leaseholder as extra on rent, still you will be paying lesser amount as compared to what you would be paying in above mentioned cities.

Prices Amsterdam

As per basic price, studio apartments in Amsterdam start at Euro 1000 a month. These apartments are mostly single-bedroom apartment starting somewhat at higher rates. Here you will find quiet compact apartments especially near to older parts of the city but this doesn’t holds true if you are looking for apartments in the centre of the city. Some of the best places where you can look for apartments include Elynx and Craigslist. Amsterdam being a much happening place offers wide range of options for house seekers especially for those who are considering renting houses for long term. Those who are new to this city find it tough to find the correct place. Finding house in Amsterdam is tough because this place falls short in terms of renting house. Individuals are required to first register themselves to public housing board in Amsterdam prior to going out searching for a place. Huge counts of houses in this region are primarily available for rent from semi-public housing department. Here, dwellers should have economic ties primarily with Dutch city in order to get registered. For outsiders, it is important to have some relation with Dutch partner prior to searching the house. In case you are in touch with some social housing tenants, you need to have a permission letter that is official and this letter is provided from Housing Corporation. Some of the locations that top the list of house seekers in Amsterdam are Jordaan, Museum Quarter, Oud Zuid, De Pijp, and so on. Now days you will find huge amount of renovation as well as development work going on in various regions. Those who are searching for great locations can opt for places like Haarlem, Zaandam, and Amstelveen.

Amsterdam housing market

Often it becomes tough for house seekers to decide which place and why to select for housing. For Amsterdam housing, you should be aware of market rates that vary based on the type of housing you are selecting. Moreover, for youngsters and students prices may vary. They will find budget accommodations for long term. If you are family person, it is better to search houses in outer areas as they are cheaper as compared to central regions. The easiest way to search Amsterdam housing is contacting property dealers or agents. They are the best people who can help you in the right way. They will ask you about your requirements wherein you can explain them your needs, preferred location, and approximate budget. Based on your requirements, these real estate dealers will provide you with options. You will be required to pay them some commission but it is still a cost-effective way of searching houses for rent in Amsterdam for long-term. If you have relatives or friends staying in Amsterdam, you can contact them for options because they can act as other great source for finding good homes in this place.

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