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About Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden is a city and municipality located in the Dutch province of Friesland. Leeuwarden is located in the northern part of the Netherlands. The history of the city dates back to the 10th century but there are recent diggings in the area that reveal that there were early settlers in the city as far as the 2nd century AD. In the 1400s it was granted a town charter. Leeuwarden was described as having an active trade center during these times until the waterways silted most of the city.

The city has a coat of arms and is the official symbol of the municipality of Leeuwarden. The coat of arms has a blue escutcheon, golden lion and a crown. There are a number of buildings in Leeuwarden that are worth visiting and preserving; buildings in the city center like the Kanselanrij (the former chancellery) the Stadhouderlijk hof or the former residence of the stadtholders of Friesland, the Waag or the old trade center of the city, the Church of Bonifatius and the leaning tower Oldehove. The city also has about 130 windmills but one by one these were demolished. Only two windmills have survived: the Wielinga Stam and De Haan.

Events that Leeuwarden is famous for its cattle market and the flower market every Ascension Day. Leeuwarden was voted as European Capital of Culture for 2018 in September 2013.

Why is it great to live in Leeuwarden?

Leeuwarden us a great place to stay because of its rich architecture and its amazing historical structures and buildings. The city influences its residents to be more artistic and creative. The mentioned buildings above are just some of the most popular in the city and there are more structures that you will be able to find upon visiting Leeuwarden. Tourists flock the city to admire these places whole year round. The city is home to prestigious educational institutions especially schools of applied sciences. The Van Hall Instituut specializes in agricultural and life sciences while the Stenden University specializes in hotel management, economical and media management. The city is also home to the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden a school that specializes in economical, technical and the study of the arts. There is an increasing number of foreign students enrolled in educational institutions in Leeuwarden; there are also two regional vocational schools in the city: the Friese Poort and Friesland College.

Leeuwarden is home to a number of sporting events. It is the starting and the finishing points in the Elfstedentocht which is a 200 km-long speed skating race held during winter in the Frisian waterways. The city has a football team called the Cambuur Leeuwarden that plays in the Eredivisie and a basketball team Aris Leeuwarden that plays in the Dutch Basketball League.

Transportation is not a problem at all in Leeuwarden. There are 5 train routes that take you to Rotterdam, Utrecht, Schiphol and Groningen to name a few. Arriva bus lines service the city as well as buses operated by Qbuzz.

Important things to remember

There are apartments for rent for long term stay in the city of Leeuwarden. Apartments are classified according to the size, the number of rooms, whether the unit is furnished or unfurnished and according to rate. There are apartment units that are available in strategic places in the city; near business centers, universities or schools and near commercial complexes. And if you are looking for budget long term apartments in the area, you can guarantee the best apartment with the best amenities, features and rate when you compare three or more apartments together.

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