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About Breda

Breda is a municipality and a city located at the southern part of the Netherlands. Breda is a fortified city that has strategic military and political significance. The urban area of Breda has a population of 316,000 in 2008.

The history of Breda goes way back in the 11th century where it was a direct fief of the Holy Roman Emperor. After it has obtained a municipal charter it was allowed to build fortifications and thus brick walls and large Roman-style gates were built to protect the area. It was also a site of the German occupation in World War II. Much of the old buildings in the city were preserved and these are just some of the many reasons why tourists flock the area during the summer months.

Why is it great to live in Breda?

Breda is a great place to live basically because the city is rich in historical sites and influences. If you love historical places then living in Breda may be the best idea you have ever had. The main sights of the city include buildings like the Grote Kerk (Large Church) with Gothic architecture, the Caste of Breda, the Begijnhof, Saint Anthony’s Cathedral, City Hall and the Spanjaardsgat which is a 16th century water gate.

The city is also oozing with culture with its yearly music events in the Chasse Theater as well as Redheadday where people with natural red hair gather. It is also the event when art using the color red is celebrated. There are lectures, workshops and art demonstrations are done.

Museums are also a part of Breda’s rich cultural scene like Breda’s Museum, Begijnhof Breda Museum, General Maczek Museum, Bier Raclame Museum, NAC Museum, Heemkundig Museum Paulus van Daesdonk, Museum Oorlog and Vrede (War and Peace Museum) and the Stichting Princenhaags Museum to name a few.

Breda’s economy relies on the food and drinks industry. There are large companies that have made the city their home like Hero, Van Melle, De Faam and Kwata. The city also has a sugar factory as well as a beer named after the city Breda which is known all over the world. It is in the city where the largest beer brewery was located called the Oranjeboom Interbrew. Aside from the food industry, Breda is also popular in the line of business and trade and this is because of its new train Central Station connected by high speed trains to other cities in Europe. There are also large shopping centers in the city like De Barones and ‘t Sas.

Transportation is a breeze in Breda with two railway stations Breda and Breda-Prinsenbeek connecting Breda with other cities like Rotterdam, Den Hagg and Tilburg to name a few. Trains that travel north leads you to Amsterdam and east to Den Bosch to Nijmegen. Breda is also connected via the A16 to Rotterdam and the south to the Belgian border to Antwerp.

Important things to remember

Breda is a city where you can find long term apartments of different sizes, styles and rates. There are furnished units with all the basic furnishings that you and your family needs or if you prefer your own pieces, unfurnished apartment units are also available. The rates vary from where the apartment or apartment complex is located. Units near commercial and business districts command a higher rate compared to apartments found in least populated areas. It is recommended that you compare at least three apartments before you make your final choice. This will ensure that you get the best deals in long term apartments in Breda.

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