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About Hilversum

Hilversum is both a municipality and a town in North Holland in the Netherlands. It is the largest town in the region of ‘t Gooi and is surrounded with beautiful and green places like heathland, woods, meadows and lakes. You will also find small villages that also surround Hilversum.

Hilversum is also called “media city” since it is the center for radio and television broadcasting in the country. Since 1920, Radio Netherlands has been operating in the area via shortwave radio. There are also a number of audio companies and television studios that broadcast locally and nationally are found in Hilversum. The Dutch public broadcasting organization and many other commercial TV production companies also call Hilversum their home.

Why Hilversum is a great place to live in

Hilversum is a perfect place to live in simply because the place is conducive to living, raising a family and even a career in television broadcasting and film. The municipality has a modern atmosphere despite its deep roots in history. It is said that because of the earthenware found in the area that Hilversum got its name. It was in early to mid-Bronze Age that indicates that people actually settled in Hilversum.

The first industries in the area was farming, livestock and wool manufacturing but now these industries were already a thing of the past since the economy of the town is generated mainly by the numerous radio and television companies that call the area their home.

If you are a sports fan then you would love to live in Hilversum. It is the home of the Dutch open golf tournament called the KLM Open. There are a number of swimming pools, sporting halls and green spaces where people can relax, engage in fitness activities and simply enjoy the day away. Commercial establishments also dot the town’s streets like the Hilvertshof, De Gijsbrecht, the Riebeeck Galeri and the Seinhorst. You can find almost everything you need from commercial establishments, malls and markets. Possibly one of the most important buildings or structures in Hilversum is the Raadhuis or the “town hall” which is a large brick building with a bright façade. This building was designed by Willem Dudok a modernist architect and is the city architect of Hilversum. Dudok did not just design the building but he included the interior design with the furniture, carpets and every little detail of the building interior Hilversum has three stations that serve its residents: the Hilversum railway station, the Hilversum Media Park railway station and the Hilversum Sportpark Railway Station. There are also buses that service the area. Hilversum has an intercity station, this means that you can get to any point in the city from one station to another. It also means that commuting via railway is efficient and the most practical method when you are in town.

Important things to remember

Hilversum gives you a lot of choices when it comes to apartments for long term rental. There are apartments in almost every district of the town. These properties are often grouped according to their size, the number of bedrooms, toilets and baths, whether the apartment is furnished or unfurnished and according to the rate. It could be very difficult to decide which one would fit your needs so it is recommended that you compare units according to their features, amenities and their rates so you could find a suitable long term rental apartment. Visiting the place is also a must so you can instantly make a decision. Be sure to pick among three or more properties so you will get the best deal in Hilversum.

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