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About Amersfoort

Amersfoort is a municipality in the province of Utrecht and is the second largest city located in central Netherlands. Amersfoort is best known for its beautiful modern city and at the same time its well-preserved medieval center that is also protected by the municipality. This city also has the largest railway junctions in the Netherlands due to the city’s location. In 2009, Amersfoort has celebrated its 750th birthday.

The wall surrounding the city was constructed for defending the court established by the Bishops of Utrecht. The wall was made of bricks and was completed in 1300. Enlarging the city had become imminent as the population grew and thus a new wall was built and was finished in 1380. The second wall has a land and water gate. The Muurhuizen Street is the exact location of the first wall. A well-known monument is the Onze-Lieve Vrouwentoren tower (The Tower of Our Lady) is the tallest medieval church tower. Amersfoort has been preserved since the Middle Ages; a part of these medieval structures are the canal-systems, old buildings and national monuments.

Why is Amersfoort a great place to stay?

Because of the city’s rich culture, it is considered one of the best places to stay and thrive. Aside from the historical buildings and structures found in the area there are numerous museums in the area like The Mondriaan House, the Flehite, the Zonnehof, the Armando Museum, Dutch Cavalry Museum, Culinary Museum and the Kunsthal KADE.

Amersfoort also has its own football club called HVC. The city was once a host of the modern pentathlon in the 1928 Summer Olympics. It also has green areas where residents can catch a few hours of sun. The city also has parks and recreational facilities in various population centers, villages and towns.

Amersfoort is the headquarters of several local and international companies like DHV, Golden Tulip Hospitality Group, Nutreco and the European office of Yokogawa. It is also home to non-profit organizations like the Dutch Lawn Tennis Association, the National Association of Insurance Agents and Vereniging Eigen Huisa a homeowners association which is the largest in the country with about 700,000 members and possibly the biggest in the world.

The city’s transport system is run by 2 bus firms Connexxion and Veolia. Connexxion serves commuters that would like to go to Utrecht and the later provides services to Gelderland. The city has three railway stations: Amersfoort, Amersfoort Schothorst and Amersfoort Vathorst. The A1 passes the city which is the road from Amsterdam to Apeldoom and the A28 from Utrecht to Groningen. Residents may also use the waterways of Amersfoort which is on the river Eem. There is a port to inland water transport. Thus commuting within the city and outside Amersfoort is a breeze; this is one of the most common reasons why Amersfoort is considered a great place to stay and live in.

Important things to remember

Amersfoort is a city where you can find the best selection of apartments for long term use. Apartments in the city are grouped according to the area the property is located, the size of the apartment per square feet or as per number of rooms and baths the property has, the amenities and of course according to the rates. Grouping apartments this way will help you narrow down your search so you can easily find the long term apartment that will match your specific needs. Be sure to pick from three or more properties so you will be able to get the best deals in town especially when you have a tight budget.

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