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About Enschede

Enschede is a municipality and a city located at the eastern Netherlands in the province of Overijssel in the Twente region. It is considered the easternmost city with more than 100,000 residents. It is almost near the border of Germany. It has five districts or stadsdelen: Centrum, Noord, Oost, Zuid and West. Enschede is also home to the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute weather station online in a former military airport in the area. The city has a mild oceanic climate which makes it an ideal place to stay.

Enschede’s history dates back to the medieval times when a settlement was started around the Old Marketplace. The name Enschede meant “near the border” and during its earliest accounts, the settlement near the border had one church, a small market place and a large aristocratic house. Now Enschede is a beautiful renovated city; huge renovation activities were done as a result of a terrible fireworks disaster in a fireworks storage depot. This accident destroyed an entire neighbourhood and is known as the Vuurwerkramp or fireworks disaster in 2000.

Why living in Enschede is great

Enschede is a perfect place to live and start a family because of several reasons. First, if you plan to settle in Enschede then you came to the right place. The city has this laid-back attitude that is suitable for relaxation and stress-free living. There are numerous cultural events and festivals that are celebrated whole year round in Enschede and one of this is to celebrate one of the largest gay communities in the Netherlands.

The most important economic contributor in the city is its research, education and health care sectors. It is the home of the Universiteit Twente or the University of Twente where technical studies are its specialty. Students at Twente take up technical courses like Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Medicine, Biomedical Technology and Economical Sciences to name a few. Enschede is also home to a campus of the Saxion University of Applied Sciences which is a polytechnical school. The city also has an academy of arts and design along with a conservatory ArtEZ. And when it comes to medical facilities, Enschede has the Medish Spectrum Twente hospital one of the largest clinical hospitals in the Netherlands. This hospital has a level 1 trauma center, tertiary care departments and is also a supporter of higher medical education of medical students from the University of Twente’s Technical Medicine program.

Moving about the city is not a problem at all with an NS railway line that serves several stations. To the west there are trains to reach Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam to name a few. To the east there is a line that will take you to Gronau, Germany. The city has a regional civil airport called the Enschede Airport and also the Airbase Twenthe of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Bus lines also operate within the city along with buses that connect the city to nearby towns.

Important things to remember

Apartments in Enschede are available for long term stay and you can find these in large apartment complexes and buildings. If you prefer an apartment near commercial and business districts then you certainly find one. You won’t be far from transportation hubs either since buses service almost all areas of the city. If you are looking for a studio-type room or an apartment with several rooms then you will never run out of properties to check out. Be sure to do your homework and compare features as well as the rate beforehand.

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