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About Scheveningen

Scheveningen is a district of The Hague and is a modern seaside resort with beautiful beaches, a picturesque esplanade, pier and a historic lighthouse. If you have never been to Scheveningen then you may have missed a fourth of your life! It is one of the most popular spots in the Netherlands where residents and tourists enjoy the ocean view and of course have fun.

You can find lot of seaside attractions in Scheveningen like shops and dining establishments but the most popular activity in this part of the country is water sport. There are so many water sports to enjoy at Scheveningen; from windsurfing to kite boarding you will certainly have so much fun all year round. Naturalists will also love Scheveningen since there is a nudist beach 1 km to the south of the area.

Why renting is great in Scheveningen?

Scheveningen offer so many amenities to people who would like to rent long term. First, the area is very rich in history. It is where the battle between English and Dutch fleets fought in 1653 and was known as the Battle of Scheveningen. It is also known as the road to The Hague which is just minutes away via different modes of transport. This area is also a popular village with picturesque homes and beaches which is why many Dutch choose to live in Scheveningen shores.

If you simply love to wake up with the fresh ocean air in your home then you will absolutely love to live in Scheveningen. It is like living in summer everyday although it could be very chilly during the winter months. You could stay in the beach or in the ocean for hours in a day without a care when you live nearby since there is just so much water sports activities to indulge in and so many places to visit as well. Scheveningen is recommended for retirees and people who would like to indulge in a beach paradise living.

There are a variety of cultural events that are held yearly in Scheveningen. For instance it is home to the Winter Swim held every New Year’s Day and if you stay long enough you will also get to enjoy awesome fireworks display to greet the New Year. Scheveningen also has interesting places to visit like the Muzee Museum which is the official museum of the area, the Miniature City Mandurodam, the Panorama Mesdag, the Beelden aan Zee a sea museum and the Our Lady of Lourdes Silent Center. The famous Scheveningen lighthouse is also one of the icons of the area and is a symbol dear to the residents of Scheveningen.

Living in Scheveningen has its perks and working here is also a great opportunity. Much of the employment in the area is related to tourism. There are opportunities in hotels, restaurants and shops in Scheveningen. Fishing is also one of the ways to earn a living in Scheveningen as well as running fishing trips and tourist trips in the North Sea.

Important things to remember

Scheveningen is a great place to live long term with apartment units for rent in amazing areas in the area. Most popular long term apartment units are found near the beach ideal for anyone who would love to stay or work near the area. You can find apartments with a variety of rooms, sizes and rates. There are properties for rent for single renters to even a large family. Most apartments are also equipped with all the modern amenities like internet, Wi-Fi, phones, fireplaces, parking and so much more. Be sure to compare several apartments at a time to get the best value for your money.

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