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When you come to Zandvoort only a few words will certainly come to mind: beaches and cars. This is a popular beach resort in the Netherlands with its longa and sandy beaches and beautiful sand dune borders. You can bet that there is always something happening at the beaches of Zandvoort where you can spot locals and celebrities lounging about. It is also the site where you can find the most important racing circuit in the country, Circuit Park Zandvoort.

History of the municipality dates back to 1100 when the area was in control of the Lords of Brederode. It has changed over the centuries from a modest fishing village, seaside resort and then it became more prosperous as a railway station opened near the coast in 1881. Zandvoort was completely damaged and vacated during the World War II; the towns and streets were all demolished later to fortify the Atlantic Wall. But after the war was over, the town grew and this was the time when the popular racing circuit was constructed.

Why is it great to live in Zandvoort?

The fact that Zandvoort is a seaside town makes it a perfect place to stay. Residents here enjoy amazing views of the ocean as well as warm climate most months of the year. You can bet you will have whole year round water fun when you live in this town since the beaches are mostly filled with so many things to do.

Aside from the usual beach activities like water sports, Zandvoort is also the place for the unlikely residents. There is a nudist beach 2 km to the south of town where there are cafes and amazing dining establishments. Tourists enjoy the warm sun at the beaches of Zandvoort and the laid-back lifestyle that you seldom will never see in most cities or towns in the Netherlands.

The racing circuit is more than enough reasons to stay in Zandvoort. This racing circuit was built in 1948 after the war. It was the site of the Dutch Grand Prix for decades and because of this popularity, businesses surrounding the area have flourished.

Employment in Zandvoort is mostly related to tourism and if you would like to open your own restaurant, souvenir shop or sports accessories shop then this is a great place to invest in. You can also seek employment in hotels near the area which enjoy a large population of tourists especially during the summer months.

Going about Zandvoort is easy; the municipality has a train station that has hourly trips to Haarlem and to Amsterdam. During the summer months when tourists travel to Zandvoort more than any time of the year, there are extra train schedules.

Anyone who loves motorsport would love to live near the speedway and if you love the ocean and everything about the beach then you will certainly love to call Zandvoort your new home.

Important things to remember

Zandvoort offers so many amazing rental opportunities ideal for a single person to a large family. You can bet that you will find the best long term apartment for rent deals when you look really hard. You have a huge variety of choices to consider. There are apartments that are furnished while there are also unfurnished units. You will also find properties with one or multiple rooms fit for a large family with a number of kids. And if you are on a tight budget, you will also be able to look for apartments that will suit your needs. It is just a matter of comparing one apartment unit from another to get the best deals.

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