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About Amsterdam

Amsterdam apartments for rentals are meant mostly for extended stays. Staying in these apartments is one of the most special ways like Amsterdammers. Amsterdam apartment rentals are properly managed by the individuals. These apartments are most suitable for families and the groups and are well furnished and properly equipped with cozy rooms of living, kitchen, terrace on the roof, cable TV, WI-Fi. These apartments normally fulfill all the standards of modern day in a very historic format. These apartments have three bedrooms along with one bathroom. This spacious living has huge ceilings, which have wooden beams. These apartments are simply very suitable for the couple and are perfectly located at the center of the city. Every apartment is well equipped with a small nightstand, smooth screen TV and DVD player. They do not have any cooking facilities, but a huge number of restaurants do not make you feel the need for the same.

The bathroom has a toilet along with a spacious shower and washbasin. The towels and Linen are supplied. In order to give the customers a very comfortable living, a central heating system is attached along with blinds and fans. They make it a strong point to give you a very memorable stay. Minimum stay of these apartments is three nights and the daily rates range from 100 pounds to 110 pounds. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is one of the most populous cities, placing more than two lakh residents in the central part of the metropolitan area.

Two types of apartments

Rental apartments are of two types. The first type is that one may settle on the furnished apartments and the second type may be in the form of empty apartments. People go to these apartments due to various factors like duration of stay in that apartment. If you are planning to stay for a longer period of time, it is better to stay in an empty apartment. One can furnish it as per the needs of an individual.

This city has an impressive financial stability and is highly modernized, therefore people from other countries and the cities accept the fact that, it is simply great to make your career and live independently. People can improve themselves physically, culturally, socially and financially. This place has many opportunities related to work, which can be brought by several international companies.

Amsterdam apartment statistics

The housing in this city is managed with 55 percent of the existing houses and 30 percent of the developed homes, which are managed by associations related to housing. Here, all the properties are properly managed and the rental rates are also much more affordable. Different kinds of houses, apartments like condominium units, detached homes, and studios would truly appeal to anyone, who wants to get housing in Amsterdam.

They are regarded as the most popular properties for the rental purposes in the whole city. Many people like to stay in apartments, since they are much closer to commercial areas and other business areas. They vary in various features like number of rooms, baths, styles, amenities and also in terms of price.

They are very easy to maintain and are very chic to stay in, especially for the young adults, retirees and the new couples. They are mainly situated in the hubs of key transportation like metro lines and the tram. Several units, which are close to the harbor, can easily get ferries, rental boats and the water taxis. These apartments are very practical and are also found close to the areas of this marvelous city. One can see the properties with the canal view of the Amstel River. The apartments are also located near the market places, galleries, museums and even the Dam Square. It is undoubtedly the most popular choice of the city, where you can stay as long as you want. Long term stay apartments are simply the best, in case you want to stay for a longer period of time. But, you need to shop for the best deals of apartment, before picking any property. The rates and features are also compared so that one may get the best deals of apartment in the city.

One such apartment is Prinsengracht apartment, which is located in the Canal Belt and can contain a maximum number of two guests. This apartment is typically a studio, in which you get a nice place to sleep along with a nice toilet, bathroom, tea, coffee and the TV. Cot is also available in case you need it. This apartment needs a spacious room, having the comfortable sofa, Kitchenette and the double bedroom.

These apartments are located in a residential area, near the popular city of Jordan. It is one of the ancient neighborhoods and is popular due to its shops and restaurants. It also has an internet connection for the entire tech –savvy people and also consists of the TV/DVD. Private bathroom is also attached. You can book your request for reservation now.

Some of the rental apartments are located on the ground floor accompanied by the nice garden. You can get your breakfast, lunch or dinner on the wooden panel. The bathroom is completely Dutch styled in which the people get a very cozy living. You can get a big couch and a dining table.

Corporate bookings can be done and short breaks are also available. These types of apartments are simply great for children of all ages. No pets are allowed in them. Private garden is also attached to the house. Smoking is allowed. This street is one of the most beautiful streets in the west of Amsterdam. Big supermarkets and the Turkish bakeries along with the clothing stores are located within the range of three minutes. Normally cycling from the heart of this city takes at least 10 minute stops. The bike can be parked even in front of the house. One can find vast number of parks in this area, the closest one is located at the end of the street and can be great to squander some time in.

Other cities

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, The Hague, Den Bosch, Nijmegen,Maastricht, Amersfoort, Hilversum, Hoofddorp, Leeuwarden, Delft, Eindhoven, Leiden, Amstelveen, Almere, Haarlem, Arnhem, Breda, Alkmaar, Enschede, Scheveningen, Zandvoort.

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