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About holland

Holland is a region located along the western coast of the Netherlands. The name is often used to refer to the entire country of the Netherlands and this may be generally accepted however there are residents that do not agree with this at all. Holland was a unified political region within the Holy Roman Empire and by the 17th century has become a maritime and a mover in the economic strength of the country.

Holland today is made of the two Dutch provinces of North Holland and South Holland. The region includes the three largest cities in the country: Amsterdam, the nation’s capital, The Hague, the seat of government and Rotterdam the largest port of Europe.

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Why renting an apartment in Holland is the best

Renting an apartment for long term stay is one of the most commonly searched properties in Holland. Many would like to stay and live in Holland because of several reasons. First, the climate in the country is maritime making it perfect for a holiday all year round. Much of the area is reclaimed and there are also developed areas as well. The most densely populated district is Randstad but have a very low crime rate. This is so because of the strict laws applied in the area.

But even with the modern developments in Holland, it has still maintained its agricultural and rural appeal. Amidst the new structures and buildings in the area, remaining agricultural developments are protected and valued. You will also find large patches of unused land that are used for agriculture, horticulture and agri-businesses.

Land reclamation is a way for the people of Holland to master water around them. Starting around the 16th century the people started to build land reclamation projects. These projects were all about converting lakes, marsh and mudflats into polders. Reclamation projects continue to improve as the area gained control of larger bodies of water. With these projects, the people improved their character and maintained economic power in the region.

Another reason to stay in Holland is their strong culture. People are very accommodating and are very strong minded. The stereotypical people from Holland (a person wearing wooden shoes and the distinct dress) is definitely out of the picture. Only a few villages in the area still wear these kinds of clothing and shoes like the villages of Volendam and near the Zaan area.

Because of the three largest cities located within the region, it is therefore very lucrative to work in Holland. Whether you are a skilled worker, a government employee or a professional you can bet that there is work for you in the region. And aside from the maritime and agricultural industries in the area there are also manufacturing plants, factories and contact centers where skilled workers can find jobs. Tourism also plays a huge role in the economy of Holland.

Important things to remember

Housing is located in rural places, business districts and near commercial areas. If you are looking for a place to rent long term, Holland has apartments that are fit for any renter. There are apartments for singles, couples, a small family or a large one. You will also be able to find furnished or fully furnished units; if you are also looking for an apartment with a view then you can easily find this when you search really good. Find out the features that you need or the amenities that you are looking for and compare rates. You will surely find the most suitable long term apartment at the most affordable rates when you compare properties for rent.

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