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About Tilburg

Tilburg is a municipality and a city in the southern provinces of Noord – Brabant in the Netherlands. There are more than 200,000 residents in the city and it is the second largest city of the province and it is the 6th largest in the country. The city has historical features as evidenced by structures, building, museums and festivals while there are also modern features as seen in factories and offices of international companies that have made Tilburg their home.

Tilburg grew from a simple hamlet to a wool capital of the Netherlands. There was much urban renewal that happened from the collapse of the wool industry to the time buildings were demolished and replaced by new ones. Railway stations, century old railway buildings, city halls and other historical structures were demolished during the reign of Cees Becht as mayor. In the 1980, sites of wool industries were replaced with small-scale housing. A modern skyline replaced most of the buildings in the city with updated buildings like the Westpoint Tower and the De StadsHeer.

Why rent apartments in Tilburg

The classic atmosphere combined with modern features make renting the perfect idea for people that would like to live in Tilburg. There are so many reasons why people are attracted to the city’s classic charms. First there are work opportunities in the city coming from several companies that call this city their home. Chemical company IFF, Fujifilm, insurance companies Interpolis and CZ and so many other huge names guarantee work for skilled and professional people.

Another great reason to live and to raise a family in Tilburg is Tilburg University. This educational institution is a gold mine for scholars from every country in the world because of its programs in research and education. Its Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is number 1 for the second time according to the Journal of the European Economic Association. In the field of the study of law, the university ranked 1 in the Netherlands for the past three years.

The city is also known for its culture and arts. Open air art is popular in Tilburg and it is supported by the Kunst in Open Ruimte Tilburg, Dutch for Art in Open Space Tilburg. It also popular for music festivals like the Incubate, Festival Mundial and the Stranger Than Paranoiait is at the Tilburg Students Festival and the Roadburn Festival that you will get to watch popular artists perform. There are also clubs and venues all over the city for dance, music and the arts.

When it comes to museums, there is the Modern Art – De Pont Foundation, a textile museum, and the Noordbrabants Natuurmuseum. Finally, you can also find a lot of green areas in the city with parks, gardens and forests. You can take your family at the Leijpark and at the Reeshofpark. There is also the Wandelbos a forest south of the city.

Transportation is a breeze in Tilburg with bike paths, three railway stations, the Veolia Transport Nederland for buses and extensive motorways. There are plans to improve roads to a higher standard in 2015.

Important things to remember

There are different long term apartments in the city; you can find the ideal one that will suit your family and your budget. You can also find furnished and unfurnished properties in the area plus apartments with different amenities and features. Be sure to check out the best choices and compare rates and features so you will be able to find a suitable long term apartment for you and your family in Tilburg.

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